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About Blue Lake Home Theater

Blue Lake Home Theater was established in South Lake Tahoe in 2012 by Thomas Stradtner in partnership with Alpine Computers. Here at Blue Lake we have one goal in mind: To offer services in the world of technology to customers who feel lost in the dark trying to connect and use all their devices and to offer these services at a price that is fair to the consumer. In the home theater and audio systems field products features and capabilities change every year and sometimes more frequently with updates being done via the Internet. The consumer can't be expected to stay up to date on the rapidly changing technology therefore the need for professional help is greater than ever. This demand for A/V services sends prices sky high and leaves you, the consumer, exposed to overpricing and unnecessary costs. We feel at Blue Lake that fair prices and a professional installation are what today's consumer want and need. At Blue Lake Home Theater we offer both!


Thomas Stradtner began working at Best Buy in mid 2006. He started out as the senior of the warehouse and rapidly progressed from there. Within two years, Thomas was traveling across the country with Best Buy's remodel crew, the "Project Team." With the Project Team, he learned the in and out's of setting up complex home theaters and audio systems at the store and corporate level. From there he took his skills and began working with the Geek Squad Home Theater crew. For the rest of his time at Best Buy Thomas acquired a love for installing and designing A/V systems in customer's homes. In 2012 Thomas left the Geek squad and relocated to South Lake Tahoe where he took his knowledge and love of home theater installs and began Blue Lake Home Theater Installation.


Blue Lake is a company built on values. We are trustworthy, courteous, energetic and most of all knowledgeable! We don't push you into purchasing unnecessary products and parts and only perform the tasks asked of us. Our goal is to simply get your home theater system up and running at its highest quality possible. We welcome all your questions no matter how simple or complex. We also believe strongly that if no work is done or able to be done, no charge will be assessed.


Our goal for the future is to be know as the most courteous, professional and knowledgeable Home Theater Installers you can trust and rely on around all of Tahoe. Give us a call for a Free Consultation today!

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