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At Blue Lake Home Theater we are the experts in installing Surveillance equipment. With 5 years experience we can install 4 camera systems to as many cameras as you need. Just give us a call for a free estimate and we can have your home or business protected and secured in no time.

Camera Replacement

$100 to $150 each

*Price is per camera and is dependent upon difficulty of install.

Cable Runs

$50 per hour to run cable in conduit, ceiling, or crawl space, etc...

*Cable runs are figured into the total price when packaged with full CCTV system.

CCTV Troubleshooting

$50 per hour to troubleshoot your existing systems issues.

Security Camera


Having a security systems also help keep you safe at home and business safe. In case of fire the fire department will be notified quickly. We will also install cameras so you can monitor your business or house remotely. Having an alarm will also help keep your family safe by warning you of possible break-ins and other threats at your home.

For more accurate pricing or a free consultation call 530-544-HOME!

Parts for CCTV vary in many ways. IR distance, TV lines resolution, size and shape, color, etc... If looking to have a full CCTV system installed it is easiest to call for a free consultation to ensure a more accurate price when looking for a quote. Blue Lake has access to many different types of complete systems and individual parts so give us a call to get your system up and running today.

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